I drink a smoothie every single day. If I miss it for breakfast, I have one after lunch or when I want a healthy sweet treat. Many people ask me what I put in my smoothie. It honestly doesn’t change very much, but here is what is in my smoothie lately…

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  1. 1-2 ripe bananas. The riper the yummier
  2. Frozen blueberries and
  3. Frozen strawberries
  4. Frozen kale or baby spinach sometimes, not always
  5. Rice milk unsweetened
  6. A scoop of Thorne mediclear
  7. A scoop of green vibrance
  8. A scoop of ground flax
  9. Sometimes a squirt of omega swirl

I always buy, wash, and freeze my own berries. I never (very rarely) buy the frozen berry packages…Too many stories on the news lately about contaminated berries…The only time I will cave in is for some organic frozen cherries. They make an incredible smoothie!

If you want a nice thick smoothie use less rice milk. (see how nice and think and creamy mine is!) Slowly add it in until you get the consistency that you like!august 28th 13 169

Smoothies are a nice way to start the day because:

  1. I don’t believe in skipping breakfast
  2. I know people need something fast and on the go
  3. You are eating something to get your metabolism going
  4. You are putting fresh healthy fuel into your body without worrying about if you are eating a food allergen that might make you feel sluggish shortly afterwards.
  5. You feel like you fed your body amazing nutrients and it will inspire you to keep it up for the rest of the day.
  6. Smoothies on a consistent basis keep the bowels moving!
  7. Bananas are loaded with Potassium, a must for preventing SVT!

Smoothie ingredients are also easy to store. Once you have the general ingredients in your house on hand they last for a while. Even though some things are expensive, you will get your money’s worth if you stay consistent! Plus just think of all the amazing  health that you are layering into your cells every day!!! Your heart and taste buds will thank you for this easy, nutrient dense meal!

What’s in your smoothie?

xox Laura



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