You are sensitive. Your energy is sensitive. Maybe more so than you have realized or acknowledged up until now. When you have an accelerated heart diagnosis, your heart is speaking to you. We can’t just quiet it down with medication or ablation. Maybe we can, but those messages that your heart are trying to send, will still come to you in another way eventually. Maybe one that is worse or better than a fast heart rhythm.

I am a Board Certified Spiritual Life Coach. That means that I help people infuse their life with more spirituality and self-care. I like to use those things as my first go to solutions to solve any problem because those things help address the root layers of things, and I am all about getting to the truth of things. Your SVT has a root layer. It may be rooted in depletion, it may be rooted in food allergies, it may be rooted in sadness, pain, anger, not living your joy or truth, or maybe a combination of all of them or ones I didn’t mention yet. Whatever the root cause, you will benefit from more SELF-CARE, and uncovering the truth about what your heart is trying to tell you.

What is self-care? Self-care is the art of creating daily routines that nourish you.  Self-care helps us build a life we love. Self-care helps us tap into our needs; acknowledge them so that we can respond to them. Self-care is what we do when we stop doing all the other things that we have been putting first or drain us or deplete us and we think we don’t have a choice about.

This January, I am beginning a yearlong series of classes for people with SVT. Each month will have a new topic. These classes will help you learn about ways to support your health, heal your SVT naturally and design a life that you love.

SVT makes us afraid. It leaves us with a burden, fear to live, travel, be alone and more. I want to help you take care of yourself in a way that does the opposite of those things. I want to help inspire you to create strong self-care practices that you LOVE and that you watch transform your life and health.

svt classWe all need more self-love and care. Your heart needs it. Mine does. Let’s take this journey together!

The first class is on Thursday Jan 21st at 12noon EST. The class will discuss Self-care for SVT. It will be held via zoom which is a super cool video conferencing virtual class room. You will get the link to enter before class begins. You will also receive a handout download with the content and a recording in case you miss it or want to watch it again. Cost is $20.00. Click HERE to register!  I hope to see you there!

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