3 Coaching Sessions


This link is to purchase 3 coaching sessions with Laura Madrigano. Sessions can be held weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed.

My sessions are unique…I read between the lines and cut to the chase. I work at an accelerated pace because I know that you are suffering. 

In each of your sessions, you’ll get:

  • Food, lifestyle and self-care assessments and recommendations
  • Coaching related to your immediate goals and needs
  • Emotional release guidance in a safe, loving environment
  • Deep guided healing suggestions related to your heart health
  • Homework based on your unique needs for the moment and relate to our larger healing goals
  • Inspired action steps and strategies for continued healing momentum
  • self-care cards if desired
  • Initial 1.5 hour session plus 2 more one hour sessions held via video call or in person
  • email follow up as needed
  • Guided Journaling Exercises written exclusively for you to help you follow up on what we discuss in our session
  • Personalized affirmations to support our work
  • BONUS:+ A Complete analysis of the Food + Lifestyle Tracker and my recommendations emailed to you for your review. 

If you would like to purchase this package and need a payment option here are the details:

Option 1- One payment of $497.00 (Save $28.00)

Option 2- Three Payments of 175.00 (payments made prior to each session)




By purchasing this option you agree to my Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Terms or Use.Sessions are booked in EST and held via video call either through skype, facebook video or zoom. Once you purchase your package I will email you immediately to schedule your call!

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