JulieSo many SVT friends are beginning to realize how much their diet and accelerated heart is connected.

I LOVE to help inspire people upgrade their diet. It was the missing link in my own life for a long time. When I finally got serious about putting better food into my precious body my health drastically changed for the better.

If you want to upgrade your diet, I have the PERFECT class for you!!!!!

In case you have not had a chance to check out Julie Montagu’s course called Nutrition for Optimal Health from The Flexi Foodie Academy. Here is the info again…

I love Julie’s course. I took it myself, because I have a thirst for learning all things healthy. I was dying for a peek inside Julie’s life..how does she do it!!!??? I mean 4 kids..really???!!!…time for business, an amazing body, an estate to run, teaching yoga, a TV show, biking all over London. I’m seriously impressed! I LOVE a good sneak peek insides someone’s world, and I was delighted to get a glimpse inside Julie’s kitchen.

Do you know that I emailed Julie to tell her how much I LOVED her course and how I thought it would benefit our group and she actually answered me!!! I told her all about our SVT, how we are all dying to eat healthier and how I thought her course rocked. She generously offered us all a discount on her already VERY reasonably priced course! How sweet was that!!!!

We have our own unique LINK and COUPON CODE FOR 10.00 off. (39.00 Instead of 49.00)



Here’s code to enter for $10 off : lama001

Let me know if you sign up, I WOULD LOVE to cheer you on!!!!

xoxo Laura


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