I have a Special Treat for all of you! …If you have been following my emails then you know that I talk endlessly about the importance of nutrition and believe it is layer one to healing SVT naturally.
While I am not a Health Coach but a Life Coach, I have been studying food, and its impact on the body for most of my life.
I LOVE learning! My Most recent class that I could not resist was Julie Montagu’s course called Nutrition for Optimal Health from The Flexi Foodie Academy. (Some of you may know Julie from the Bravo show Ladies of London).
I LOVEd HER COURSE and cannot say enough good things about it.  So much so, that I actually took a chance and EMAILED her and told her about our SVT community and about HOW much we all could benefit from taking her course. She responded to me personally which is such a blessing for our group, as she offered us all $10.00 off her already ridiculously low price of 49.00 (so 39.00 just for us!) with a special coupon code she designed just for our SVT community!!!!
I was attracted to Julie’s course because I love to learn from people who really are walking their talk. Julie has 4 kids, is a yoga instructor, eats an incredible diet, and is living a busy, full life as a business woman, star of a TV show, runs an estate with her British hubby, has a healthy food snack line, and is the author of 2 amazing books on health and diet. If Julie can find time to make healthy eating a priority so can we!
I loved her course for many reasons, for starters, the price! Her course was voted best value for the money! I also LOVE her short easy to comprehend videos, I love her energy and enjoy watching HER speak to me and explain things is such a new refreshing way. She was detailed, educational and passionate plus I love how easy the course was to navigate from a technological point of view.
The course is on-line, you get your own account, and you do it at your own pace. Out of all the information, classes, books, webinars etc that are out there…(and believe me I stay on top of a lot of them) I really feel that this course is the place to start if you want to elevate your diet, learn practical ways to incorporate the right foods and superfoods into your daily regime and increase your knowledge of what products to purchase and what to stay away from. Just her lesson on sugar vs. natural sweeteners is worth buying this course for!
Check out her video and course page to see for yourself! AND remember to use our SVT special LINK and COUPON CODE to sign up for the course so that you claim your 10.00 off!
Let me know if you sign up!
here’s code to enter for $10 off : lama001
The course has been voted as best value for money with several happy customers leaving great reviews, such as, “I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Many thanks for its excellent and thoughtful preparation”, “I just wish there were more courses to take!! Super enjoyed all the content” and “Learned much more than I was expecting. Wonderfu!”.
I know that you will LOVE this course as much as I did and that it will help you learn amazing practical ways to elevate your diet so that you can heal your SVT naturally by taking the best care of your health that you can!
Xoxo Laura
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