I am reviewing some of the pages on the healsvtnaturally.com site, and wanted to share this important bit of wondering about “SVT Triggers” I did almost 5 years ago….

“…. somewhere in me, deep inside, I BELIEVED that I could approach this scary health issue like I would approach any other health issue…”naturally, and by being a detective!.” If doctors could confirm that episodes could be triggered by things like alcohol and caffeine, then why couldn’t they conclude that other diet & lifestyle related things could possibly “help” us to ultimately avoid episodes?….So little is known on what makes your body, on one particular day have an electrical misfire.  I wondered, If it’s electrical, than can balancing your electrolytes change the frequency of your episodes? Are we lacking in a specific mineral? If so, then why is your body depleted in a certain mineral to begin with? Do you live close to lots of electromagnetic fields? Can cel phones, and computers effect us if we are sensitive? Is our personal electromagnetic field effected by our emotions, stress levels, foods, etc? How much of a role does stress or anger play in triggering us? Can it be related to digestive issues? Constipation? Food allergies?  There must be some answers to the endless questions that people with  face!!! I believe there is always an answer if we dig deep enough!!”

The above were some of my questions that I had so many years ago…and still do. My frustration back then was that Doctors didn’t seem to be looking at any of the clues that I carefully would track and provide for them to ponder. I know that certain foods, emotions and lifestyle choices can trigger an SVT for me. Since we are all at different places on our healing journey, I wonder how many people connect their SVT;s with triggers? If you are connecting them, how motivated are you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to reduce the frequency of your SVT’s?

Do you know what your SVT triggers are? 

xox Laura

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