Hey Fellow Accelerated Heart Friends,

Book yo2ur Session with me!2 (2)I offer a FREE 30 minute phone call with me via skype. This free call is an incredible way for you to take advantage of talking to me one on one and learn specific targeted ways for YOU to reduce your SVT and accelerated heart issues.

SVT is a very individualized thing. While we all experience it in similar ways and the function of it it is the same once an episode comes on, it is brought on by different triggers for each of us. Learning your triggers, and layering in healthy ways to prevent your episodes will help you drastically reduce your SVT’s AND improve your overall health.

I have less than one episode every 4 years now. I LOVE to help people and believe that my own recovery as well as my professional life coach training help to create a very strong and inspiring method to help you take your health into your own hands, upgrade your self-care and prevent SVT from occurring.

My FREE calls will end on On November 1st 2015. After that, you may still speak to me anytime via any one of my coaching packages or individual sessions. If you have been thinking about booking with me, and want to do so for FREE, please schedule before Nov 1st. Our appointment can be made for any date thereafter, but on Nov 1, I will take down the ability to book for a FREE 30 minutes.

My hourly rates are 125.00 per hour or you can buy a coaching package with a discounted rate. I will post more about those soon or you can view all my offerings on my main website http://www.LauraMadrigano.com Until then, if you have been thinking about scheduling, the time is now! I dont want you to miss out!

xoxox Much LOVE and Healing to all of you, I hope that you feel you are doing everything within your control to prevent your episodes. If you are not sure what to do, feel uninspired, depressed, dis-empowered, effected by disorderly eating, lack of control, purpose, or will power, please reach out to me to set up a call. I help people with any and all of those issues and I have been there!!! I also help people overcome and heal from sacred wounds from the past, and step into their potential and life purpose.

Here is the link to schedule. If you cannot find a time that works, just email me at Lmadrigano@aol.com. My time zone is EST New Jersey USA. Thank you and I cannot wait to talk to you!

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