Hey Everyone,

There is lots of talk on the Heal SVT naturally private FB page about ablation and comments asking me to chime in. Here’s my philosophy…

Your SVT holds messages for you. Symptoms that you experience in your body are a form of communication. It’s our job to try to uncover the messages, symptoms and mysterious ways that our body is trying to speak to us. I became a dedicated detective and endlessly studied my symptoms, my diet, my episodes, my stomach, my bowel movements, and more to try to draw conclusions. I share those conclusions with our community freely to help give you the “cheat notes” on things to do that can help you draw your own conclusions and put you on the fast track to solving your own SVT mystery. This is part of my mission for my site.

While many of my personal discoveries apply to all of us, we also each have unique triggers. All of us may have an extra “pathway”, but something sets it off for each of us, on different days at different moments under different circumstances. I call these your SVT triggers. My philosophy is to reduce the triggers, eliminate them, and therefore reduce your SVT episodes and improve your overall health in the process. If we didn’t have “triggers” then we would be walking around in an SVT all day every day.

Thus my conclusion that SVT is a symptom of something larger. As such, I take a more “whole” view of it. My view is a whole body mind spirit approach.  To find recovery, I help people look for clues in the contributing areas. Those areas are: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic.

For some, changing your diet makes a huge impact, for others looking at stress, living a life you love, and what brings you joy makes the difference, for many it’s a combination of several things; all of which require dedication and attention. I was willing to change my whole life to hear and abide by my SVT’s messages.

We all have the same choices before us. We can go on medication, we can get ablation, or we can choose to try other things in addition to those or instead of those. The third being the more alternative path at this moment in time. My offering is to help keep you aware and in touch with the less obvious contributors and empower you to hear those calls. Your choice in the end is yours to make.

I believe that changing your diet, identifying your triggers, eliminating your food allergens, finding your heart joy, living a life you love, and so on, will all help you in a way that ablation alone will not solve.

I know that the natural approach works because it worked for me and if it works for me, then it can work for other people too. But the natural path requires change and dedication and may be the longer road. The type of lifestyle changes that produce a reduction in SVT require a change in habits, change in thinking, change in reactions, responses, and more. In our busy hectic lives, some people don’t have time for that kind of commitment to change.

Ablation is a choice, an option and I am thankful for western modern medicine. The days of one or the other are behind us. Real healing incorporates prevention, maintenance, and both holistic and modern approaches.

If you ablate, you may be getting rid of the extra pathway, but that doesn’t help you if your larger issue is inflammation or the like. If you have ablation, you may wind up thinking that it alone solves your problem, yet your body may still react to stress, or gluten, or sugar, but now it might be forced to find a different way to tell you that it doesn’t like those things…maybe it will find a new way to tell you, maybe it will be worse or better than your original SVT… I don’t know, but I do know that SVT is a barometer that tells you when you push yourself too hard for too long, when you ate something that wasn’t the right fuel for your body, and when you need to pay attention to an area of your life that you might not want to deal with. When we respect our SVT instead of fearing and loathing it, we can open to listening to it, honoring it, working with it…even shifting to a place of gratitude for it.

If you have truly done all of those things, and are still suffering, maybe ablation is the right choice. Only you know the truth to that question.

If you want to further study your triggers, your layers, your food choices, your stress, your problems that you need help solving, then I would LOVE to help you. I coach people from all over the world, it is truly amazing and I am truly blessed to help you. It is clearly the reason for my own SVT. I don’t question why I was called, I just do what I can to help others find the healing that we all so deeply deserve. My service feeds my heart joy and that alone is one of my secrets for staying in natural rhythm. Ablation definitely would not have brought me here. This is my path. What is yours? I can help you figure it out.

Xox Laura

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