Each week there are hundreds of new visitors to thewww.HealSVTnaturally.com site. In order to speak to their questions, and in preparation for my SVT Class on April 26th, SVT The Basics, I wanted to review some of the SVT basic and essential lifestyle strategies to think about when you are a person living with and managing SVT.

Lifestyle and SVT go hand in hand, the sooner we accept this, the sooner can take back control of our lives! I want to help empower you with the tools to do just that. In case you are new here, or need a refresher, I hope these BASICS inspire you to do the things that are within your control to feed your health and prevent SVT.

  1. Go to bed between 10-11:00pm every night. This is major. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is your enemy! A Good sleep routine will help you fill your bucket and avoid mental and physical depletion. Sleep is your restorative time. It is like liquid gold, a FREE and easy way to build health. My philosophy is SVT prevention and this is number #1.
  • Drink lots of water. 8 full glasses per day. Get used to going to the bathroom to pee! Try adding chlorophyll to your water. It oxygenates your blood and feels refreshing and nourishing.
  • Don’t eat wheat. Even if you haven’t been tested for GF allergies, wheat is in so many foods, many of which are boxed or canned and hidden. Wheat is not helping you, healing you or nourishing you in any way. It is likely depleting you and getting in the way of you absorbing quality nutrients vital for healthy heart rhythm. Get inspired to clear it out of your system!
  • Eat as clean as possible!!!! That means lightly cooked warm veggies, fruit, smoothies, rice milk, quinoa, beans, and if you eat meat it MUST be organic or grass fed, (especially chicken). Limit sugar and when you do eat it make sure its local honey, brown rice syrup, cacao, or another natural sweetener. I keep the dairy low and don’t consume milk. I LOVE cheese so when I eat it I make sure its organic. Feed your body beautiful nourishing foods and make time to food prep and cook for yourself. If you hate to cook…learn to make a few things each week that you don’t dread. Food and SVT go hand in hand and this is another area of life we simply must embrace. Cook with Love, eat with LOVE and do your best to eat as healthy as possible. If you are suffering from emotional eating issues, this has to be addressed because it can be a major SVT trigger. There is hope for emotional eaters!!! Feel free to email me privately if you have this issue.
  • If you are GF, be careful you are not consuming “dead” foods. Most of what makes up for the lack of gluten in a product is just a bunch of replacement “garbage”. Gluten free means a commitment to eating clean and fresh and naturally gluten free foods. Quinoa is your bestie and can be made sweet or savory. If you must have gluten free bread, pizza or pasta try to buy it organic and make sure the main ingredients are brown rice flour…and then make it a once a week thing. Learn to love corn tortillas, the non gmo ones that are naturally GF. There are so many healthy choices out there, be open to trying new things.
  • Everyone needs some guilty pleasures…I understand!!! I LOVE chocolate chip cookies!!!! So take the time to bake some nice cookies with whole ingredients…try millet flour or quinoa flour, or garbanzo flour…etc. There are millions of amazing blogs out there with tons of great recipes…If you take 1 hour to bake for yourself, it will provide you with a weeks worth of healthy treats to feed your sensitive bodies!!! Be creative here. So many health balls and cookies to choose from! Check out Julie Montagu, I love her recipes.
  • JOURNAL-Writing your feelings will help you self-express and keep things flowing. Try a morning journaling routine. There is a massive emotional layer to SVT. Nurturing your emotions, releasing them, letting them go, forgiving the past, and healing old anger are crucial. Journaling is a FREE way to do all of this. Grab your pen and get writing! In case you like guided prompts, I am in the process of writing some guided journaling e-guides that I cannot wait to share with you soon!
  • Learn how to Break your SVT. The sooner you feel confident on what to do if you get an SVT, and start being IN ACTION on all of these basics, the sooner you can get control of the horrible anxiety and fear that goes hand in hand with SVT. Review this video for a great way to break an SVT.( Blow in a straw and raise your legs method.) The next time you have an SVT, be prepared…. Have your straw handy and write a note card of methods to try so you can refer to it during an episode.
  • Review your salt. A mixture of pink Himalayan and iodized sea salt is best. Plain table salt is not a great choice. It depletes essential minerals. Pink Himalayan will help provide you with those trace minerals. I like to mix the two for a good balance.
  • Review your supplements. Probiotics, Magnesium, and Flax or Fish Oils are some of my top daily choices. I also take several other things as needed…Learning how supplements can help you is a huge layer to preventing episodes.

If reviewing these BASICS help you and you want to go deeper and learn more…Join me for class on Tuesday April 26th at 4:30pm EST. Class is held on line via zoom. Once you register and receive a special link to enter class on the day of the event. You will also be emailed my SVT The basics Eguide companion tool. Class is recorded so if you miss the live class you can review the recording anytime. Plenty of Time for Q + A. Cost is 25.00. To learn more or Register Click HERE. (reply or email me with any questions!)

I hope these BASICS inspire you to keep taking amazing care of yourself! You have one life to live, make it great!

Xox In good Health,


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